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Coral as water purification

Coral historyCoral has always had a central part in the everyday life of natives of the southern islands of Japan. Originally, coral was used to clean and purify drinking water for the inhabitants. This was quite natural to them since nature had naturally provided for it, with coral in the soil itself. The soil was rich in minerals and by virtue of this their subsoil water was also rich in coral minerals.

History tells us that in the 14th century a nature doctor discovered how to refine the raw material of the coral to produce the final product. This is what we are using today as our base product for Ericssons coral products.

Moreover, the writings of Honsu describe how people throughout the ages have used coral for individual purposes.

The oldest man in the world

In 1980, the demonstrably oldest man in the world was Shigechiy Izumi. He lived on Tokonoshima, one of the Southern islands of Japan.

At that time, the chief editor of the Guinness Book of Records visited this man in Japan. On returning home, not only did the editor bring back an interview with the oldest man in the world, but he also observed that Izumi wasn't the only one on this island to be in full vigour at an advanced age. Almost all of the old people were upright, fit and healthy. When Izumi died of natural causes in 1986, he was almost 121 years old.

Alka-Mine is refined coral, packed in small tea bags. Suddenly, customers began to report that, thanks to their use of Alka-Mine in their drinking water, they had become much healthier or even completely free from certain sickness symptoms. This was the period during which the company in Japan started to grow rapidly. Today it is a huge organisation employing several thousand people in Japan alone.


Sango Coral

SangokorallThe coral that is used derives from the Scleractina family. It is a natural product and rich in minerals, above all calcium and magnesium. The coral is one of the oldest materials on the earth. Its origin goes all the way back to the Cambrium period, some 600 million years ago.

The coral has survived the development of the earth over these millions of years. Clearly coral has some unique and special properties. One might say that the coral is to our water what the rainforests in the Amazon is to our air.

Law protects the coral and it is not broken from the reefs; the tiny grains are naturally detached from the reefs by the action of waves, tide and currents. This sand is later gathered by Government controlled companies. It is then transferred and, among other uses, is refined to become the unique product which we are being supplied with today.

The majority of the coral’s minerals are represented in very small quantities and this ensures that the coral’s total mineral composition is very similar to that of the human skeleton. It also resembles that of our amniotic fluid, blood and other body fluids.


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