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Coral facts

Star KTests

In order to sell the product in Japan, the product has to go through rigorous tests by Japan Research Laboratories.

  • July 1989, the Japanese Public Health Authorities approved SangoCoral as a natural preparation for foodstuffs.
  • The products have also been examined by laboratories in Sweden and among other effects, tests made by Swedish laboratories have shown that the coral has the power to resist and neutralise acidity.
  • 1992 Alka-Mine and Minamin was approved by The Swedish Health food council
  • 1999 The organisation Star-K approved all of Ericssons coral products which since then has a Kosher brand on them.

Ericsson´s Coral

KorallhavCoral is among the oldest living organisms in the world. The product we are using is pulverised coral, from a very special coral species, the Scleractinia and reef coral, enriched for millions of years with valuable minerals and trace elements.

The coral was used originally to purify water, it is an absolutely natural product, which has been formed as the Earth has evolved and it has proved rich in minerals, in coral calcium and coral magnesium, in particular. One could say that coral is to our water what the Amazon rain forests are to or air. The coral, which is a protected species, is not broken off from the reef. It is the tiny grains of which have been worn down by the waves and processed to become the unique coral product. The coral´s total mineral composition is very like that of the human skeleton. It also resembles that of our amniotic fluid, blood and other body fluids.

Mineral composition:

Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3),
Magnesium Carbonate (MgCo3)
Trace elements:
Silicon (S),
Strontium (Sr),
Sodium (Na),
Sulphur (S),
Phosphorus (P),
Iron (Fe),
Chlorine (Cl),
Manganese (Mn),
Potassium (K),
Copper (Cu),
Zinc (Zn),
Chromium (Cr3+),
Cobalt (Co),
Molybdenum (Mo),
Lithium (Li),
Iodine (I),
Boron (B),
Vanadium (V) and Fluorine, (F).


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